Travelling to a new destination (within the country or abroad) is mostly an experience filled with joy and excitement. However, travelling to an unknown land also brings with it the possibility of certain contingencies and uncertainties such as medical emergencies, flight cancellation, theft of luggage, loss of documents etc. Hence, you may need a support system that covers you from unforeseen emergencies while travelling to an unfamiliar territory. Thus, it makes perfect sense to have a travel insurance while travelling.

Following are some of the major reasons as to why it’s important to pack a travel insurance policy while planning a trip:

  1. Reimburses emergency medical expenditures

Travel Insurance is the only reliable hope in case you fall sick or you are injured while travelling. Many travel insurance plans guarantee 24-hour emergency services and travel assistance during a crisis. The plans are often designed to provide cover for both hospitalisation and OPD treatment. If you avail a comprehensive travel insurance package, you can effortlessly cover evacuation costs, hospitalisation expenses and can get full reimbursement in case of medical emergencies.

There are many foreign countries where medical expenses are exorbitant and can quickly exhaust your travelling budget. It is for this reason that buying travel insurance online can adequately compensate for the losses incurred while travelling.

  1. Compensates loss of personal belongings and luggage

Travellers often have a fair probability of losing their valuable belongings, vital documents, and passport, cash and luggage during their trips. In such an unwanted circumstance, a travel insurance policy acts as a major source of stress reliever. It pays compensation for any such losses. Some insurance companies even go to the extent of helping the insured in procuring duplicate documents, passports and also financially compensates for stolen goods.

  1. Helps during personal accidents

While travelling to foreign countries, a traveller might get seriously injured due to an accident. Some injuries can be serious enough to cause permanent disabilities. Under such adverse circumstances, travel insurance policies help in providing the requisite compensation. Similarly, if you lose your life due to an accident while travelling, your family members will be entitled to compensation.

  1. Covers credit card fraud or loss

Credit cards are very handy while travelling and allows you to purchase foreign goods and services without any obstacle. However, there are certain countries which are infamous for fraudulent activities related to credit cards and have the potential to inflict huge losses due to this. Travel insurance reimburses the insured for credit card frauds. Moreover, some companies walk the extra mile to replace your lost credit card.

  1. Flight and trip cancellations

Many uninsured travellers lose a substantial amount of money if their flights or trips are cancelled due to natural calamities, inclement weather conditions, civil disturbances, terrorist attacks etc. This not only causes immense despair but also inflicts huge monetary losses and disruptions while travelling. Therefore, availing international travel insurance online is the best way to stay protected and insured under such unforeseen circumstances.

  1. Offers peace of mind

Although travelling can never be cent per cent risk-free, smooth and safe travelling is the common desire of travellers. If you buy a travel insurance policy online, it invariably gives you peace of mind knowing that you don’t need not worry about financial assistance during emergencies. It covers almost all the possible dangers and adversities which a traveller might face while travelling. Hence, it ensures a hassle-free trip and acts as a key source of help in case of loss of important documents, feeling sick or facing serious troubles abroad.

In today’s fast-paced world, many products are designed to fit customers’ needs. So why should insurance be any different? Therefore, Bajaj Finserv has launched pocket insurance, a pocket-friendly solution that caters to your insurance needs and charges a bare minimum annual premium for the same.

Upon choosing Bajaj Finserv Pocket Insurance, you can avail Personal Trip Effects Cover, Personal Trip Liability Cover, Domestic Travel Insurance, Solo Traveller Cover, Home Protection Cover and a lot more. In case you are looking for honeymoon travel insurance benefits, you can opt for honeymoon holiday cover by paying a one-time premium of just Rs. 699.

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