First time gamers of the Football Manager atmosphere will have a hard time playing the game. It is already confusing even for experienced players much more for the beginners. What makes this game a nightmare for newbies is the complex tactics shown in the screen and the transfer and scouting system. Despite the complex gameplay of this game, it has considered the most loyal fan bases in the industry. New players explore into this game every year and the majority cannot figure it out. Lucky for them, this article will be a guide to get everything started. Use this Football manager 2019 download and click here for more.


One thing newbies should understand is that as managers of a team you need to get new players, and scouting is the main way to do that. This is especially tricky if you do not have enough budget, to begin with being in a lower division of a country. Make sure to utilize the scouting feature to find new talent.

Football Manager 2019 is a new improvement on gameplay where it provides features that prohibits you from getting players that you cannot afford. It then forces you to locate new talent with a similar skill set that you can afford.

Media Appearances

Your team talks are more significant in this year’s Football Manager. One of the new changes this year is the media availability which includes interviews and press conference of the team. It is important that you train yourself in front of the media and be yourself as much as possible, avoid treading excessively far outside your character’s boundaries. When you create your character at the start of the game, make sure to follow the values and traits of your character and maintain it until the end.

Develop Patience

Ideally, a manager can have an instant impact on a newly taken team, this involves an impact on players and club results. But this is far from reality, normally it will take tons of time to familiarize and handle a new team. Real life Football Manager likes Fergie, a successful manager in England who did not even win a title until his seventh season handling the team. You could have the same career as Fergie in Football Manager. Remember to be patient and never get discouraged if things don’t easily go your way.

Player Roles

A lot of players who are experienced in other football games almost always ignore this part. While they think that they will be in control of their players when the game start, this is not the case in Football Manager. Because you are not in control with your players, player roles are very important. It is important to build and develop the roles of other players to take and build within your formation, assign the role of captain to a senior player who can inspire everyone else.


This is a no brainer, training your players will get them in shape ahead of the match day. Focus on tapping their potential and develop a skill set that might be useful to your team. Always make sure to tailor each of your players to their role using their tab in the game.

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