The craze for cannabis products has continuouslyincreased in the past few years,and the most popular and demanding products are CBD and hemp oil. The cannabis oil is said to have magical benefits and one of nature’ssecrets for solving the majority of health conditions. People often get confused between CBD oil and hemp oil as they are derived from the same plant. However, they are derived from the different parts of the plant from the cannabis genus. Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of industrial hemp strain whereas CBD oil is derived from flowers and leaves. Both oilspossess different properties and can be easily differentiated by an individual who has detailed information on CBD oil vs hemp oil.

Adding hemp oil to a daily routine can be instrumental in improving lifestyle, mood, mindset,and functionality. There are dozens of benefits associated with hemp oil including improved heart health and condition, stronger immune system and more. Hemp oils are said to be enriched with nutrients, minerals and vitamins moreover, it has the perfect ratio of omega 3 to omega 6. In addition, hemp oil is well known for its natural moisturizing property and is therefore used as an essential ingredient in the production of number of beauty care products. Therearenumber of ways of consuming hemp oil and there is no right way either, you can add hemp oil in morning juice, take it under the tongue, swallow a pitch or invest in a vaporizer to vape hemp oil.

Below is the list of benefits one can rejoice with the consumption of hemp oil regularly

1.Aids joint pain and soreness in the muscle

Number of people mentioned that the consumption of hemp oil has been incredibly helpful for pain relief. Research result shows it might have an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing the pain of the people suffering from joint pain or muscle soreness. Controlled use of hemp oil can helpsufferer with relief.

2. Helps in retaining beauty, benefits skin and hair

Since, hemp oil is extracted from the natural plants they containa good amount of nutrients, vitamin,and minerals which are essential for proper working and health of the human body. Hemp oil is popular among the user because of its moisturizing property and hence it helps repair the dry skin and also provide required protein for hair and thus strengthen hair while reducing chances of hair fall. Today, the hemp oil is widely used by the manufacturer of beauty products ranging from lotion to soap. Moreover, hemp oil is not greasy or sticky in nature and therefore is convenient to use.

3. Regulated brain health

The nerves that communicate with your brain are protected by a conductor called myelin helps ensure that the messages nerves are sending are going directly and efficiently to the brain. Hemp oil is rich in fatty acids and thus helps in strengthening and maintaining the myelin and this protecting the nervous system and fighting brain degeneration.

4. Fights Heart Disease

Hemp oil has a perfect ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are considered as the key tothe healthy heart. In addition, the linoleic acid in hemp oil helps reduce bad cholesterol in arteries, making it easier for the heart to oxygenate the blood thus reducing the chances of heart diseases.

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