Koovs.com the Indian website that took online clothing stores to the next level. Koovs was started when the fashion industry neglected the Indian online markets and refused to launch their large brands for the Indian markets.This was also true due to the unavailability of other platforms who are willing to take this leap, this lack of willingness has given rise to koovs, koovs used a different strategy from the other platforms and had risen to popularity as the online fashion capital of India. As the company is Indian based they knew the price range of the different people and only selected the items accordingly. Koovs had been the biggest website of the Indian fashion people as they had specially designed for the Indian people and is designed by the Indians. Koovs also provided many koovs discount code and promos. This has increased their popularity to a very large scale

  Koovs discounts and promos

The biggest reason for the success of koovs.com is the special advertisement method they used; they didn’t go for the traditional advertisement like done by the rivals instead they choose discounting the items by special codes knows as koovs discount code. These discount codes are transferred through the social media and are given by the first come first serve methods; this increased the popularity as there were codes with discounts up to 85 percent on all the items selected at a single checkout and many more.

Specially made for Indians

Since the website is based in India. The developers who are also Indians know the perfect price point for the markets they also know what the shoppers need and how much they are willing to pay, this allows them to select the perfect price point to get maximum profits and also make the customers happy. They also have specially designed wears that are exclusive in their stores and have the best quality. They also have a quick delivery schedule as the items are not centrally located, they have multiple warehouses across the country where the items are sorted depending on the demand for the specific region, this has caused them to have a very fast delivery timeline and reduce the hassle of shipping from a centralized delivery centre. They also have experienced delivery chains which have more than 30 years of experience in delivery services which means that the items purchased are carefully handled and doesn’t have any damage, they also make sure to keep the package as clean as possible to gain the trust of their customers easily.

The takeover of the company

Koovs was very successful despite being a startup and the strategy of localized warehouses and koovs discount codes. This has to lead them to the top of the food chain and be a celebrated hero by the people; this only happened after a year of operation. This was companies that wan undervalued, the Nahata family saw the potential of koov and koovs promo code and acquired the major stake in the company, under the leadership of Nahata family koovs also added the consumer items and others and joined the ranks of Indian online market giants within a few years.

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