In Canada, recreational marijuana is legal in all ten provinces. This means you can buy weed but where do you buy it? You must understand that there are different rules for different provinces but one thing is for sure – it won’t be sold in the same locations as tobacco or alcohol.

You can buy weed from two sources – federally licensed producers and Online Dispensary Canada. If you are not able to access weed from federally licensed producers, you can consider online shopping destinations. Since there are many websites marketing weeds, you should choose mindfully.

To help you get started, here are a few tips on buying online weeds:

Check if the seller is certified

Even if it is already legal, you should still follow the rules. In the case of online dispensaries in Canada, the retailer should be legal, which is licensed by the government. There is a list of government-run and online outlets that you can utilise to help you navigate.

Know what it entails

When you consider buying or sharing weed up to 30 grams, you should be at least 18 years old in Alberta and Quebec. For other provinces and territories, you should be at least 19.

If you purchase online weed from legal retailers, it will be delivered to the provided address with a signature from someone of legal age. Keep in mind that the purchases necessitate Canadian credit card. If you are from the US, you need to buy from a physical dispensary and it should be in cash.

As with traveling, it remains illegal to transport weed outside Canada. If caught, you will face criminal charges. Another criminal offense is smoking and driving. If you drive while under the influence of cannabis, it remains illegal.

Do your own research

Before you buy from a specific dispensary, you need to make your own research with regards to what they offer and what the other dispensaries are offering as well. It is crucial that you compare the companies to check it out the right one selling the best quality or grade.

Check the price

When you compare, one aspect that you should focus on aside from quality is the price. This is to ensure that the dispensary is offering the product at a reasonable price.

In Canada, the provinces are responsible for regulating the sales of cannabis. This means that the price will vary from one province to another. For instance, in Alberta, cannabis has a price from 9 to 14 Canadian dollars while New Brunswick offers 8.99 dollars a gram.

Final words

Keep in your mind your needs when determining the right dispensary for you. There will be something in store for you if you are patient. Do not rush committing if you do not want to end up losing valuable resources and time.

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