Applying makeup is an art which everyone is not aware of. Sweeping mascara on the lashes won’t give you dramatic results as there is lash-maximizing technique which you may follow. Learning how to apply Mascara can add wow factor to the eyes. Similarly, knowing how to apply eye pencil, lip liner and lipstick can do wonders to transform your face. Having completely dry skin or oily skin poses its own set of challenges as there are ins and outs of both dry skin and oily skin. Make up tips in Hindi should be followed closely. You will know how to apply makeup for that flawless result. Know that eye makeup is the most important for people will notice your eyes first.

Hydrate from both inside and outside

Skin hydrated from inside and outside look healthy and glowing. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins from your body and do not forget to apply moisturizer. If you drink plenty of water, it will moisturize you from inside and show on your skin. If you are used to having several cups of coffee, drink two glasses of water for each cup of coffee.

The need to cleanse your skin

Regular cleansing is must. If you have dry skin, oil-based cleanser will be good. Choose a product devoid of harmful chemicals. Buy a product based on jojoba, olive fruit and almond oil. They can make great cleanser or cleanser base. You can make your own cleanser at home. To remove every trace of makeup, you can use almond oil as cleanser.

Proper exfoliation is needed

Before you apply makeup, it is important to ensure that the skin surface is even. Proper exfoliation is necessary. Smooth skin can only prevent any flaked foundation application. Proper exfoliation can keep the flakes at bay.

Apply foundation by adding moisture

Foundation can properly settle on the skin only when the skin is moisturized properly. You can either apply moisturizer prior to applying foundation or purchase moisture-based foundation. There are plenty of options in foundations and so you may choose a suitable one. If you want dry skin to look fresh and glowing, apply foundation which is moisture-based.

Care for your lips

There may be flakes on the lips as well due to dry skin. Purchase water-based and hydrating lip balm.

Other tips to applying makeup for that flawless skin

  • If you wish for sheer coverage, you may use your fingers to apply foundation. For full or medium coverage, use brush
  • If your T-Zone is usually oily, apply powder. Dust the area lightly
  • Apply bronzer on the face, chest and neck in order to even out your skin tone.
  • Don’t forget to smile when you are applying blusher. Dust your apples and just move the pigment towards your jawline and towards upper ear
  • Use proper eye brow pencil to define your eyebrows

Similar to above, there may be several beauty and makeup tips you can follow. Know how to apply makeup. Learn the trick to having flawless skin. You can follow skin makeup tips in Hindi if you want make up tips in your language.

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