The growing popularity of video doorbells has led to an increase of production with their models. New iterations of these types of products are introduced on a regular basis. Some offer slight improvements while others provide significant changes with their design which makes it important to review their specifications. People especially newcomers can be overwhelmed with the huge amount of information that is given to them. Let us help guide you through buying process of video doorbells.

Don’t Take Brands Lightly

It should be noted that brand recognition is one of the very first thing that comes to mind when people look for a particular product and service. The same principle can also be applied with regards to home security as more individuals lean towards brand names that have made quite a name for themselves. The Ring brand is just that, with it being recognized as one of top home security systems that are available in the market.

Getting these items from trusted sources goes a long way in helping give their buyers a huge amount of convenience and relief as they don’t need to search high and low just to get them. Furthermore, owners will also feel safe and secured with their purchase as they know that the products that they have bought are in good quality.

Same Brand Different Specs

As mentioned earlier, many find it a good idea to go for popular brand names with their home security. This however, may not sound as simple as it is especially since popular brands have a habit of creating new models that adds new features and specifications that are not present with their old models. This is often done to help keep things fresh and exciting for their customers. Take for example the debate between the Ring vs Ring 2 vs Ring Pro vs Ring Elite. All of these units come from the same brand but offers a number of different specifications that helps set them apart from each other.

Those who are looking for a good video doorbell but are on tight budget will be able to make good use of the basic Ring video doorbell which gets the job done for the most part. However, home owners who want the extra flexibility with their video doorbells may want to invest in the newer models. The Ring 2, Ring Pro and Ring Elite both offer great video quality from up to 1080p resolution. The Ring Pro has 5 GHz Wifi and advance motion detection while on the other hand, the Ring Elite has the most compact design along with the power of ethernet out of the bunch. The newer versions often gets more expensive making it important to find a good measure of balance between the cost and their features.

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