Why plan a holiday in Dubai?

Are you planning on taking your family on vacations? Is it that time of the year when you are dreaded with work and you need a break? Well if you need an escape from your daily lifestyle and need to relax up your muscles then let’s help you plan your very own holiday in Dubai. The place where you shall find everything under one roof, from activities, beaches, malls, and bars this place has almost everything that you could ever think of. Except for flying cars surely, but who knows you might be able to see one or two after 2020. Well if you are all ready for your vacations in Dubai then let me guide you with some important places that you need to visit during your trip.

  1. Miracle Garden:

For every plant lover, this place would be considered as heaven on earth. It holds massive floral art and amazing diversifications in plants and flowers. You would be amazed to see such large items that are made from only floral art. This is a place that needs to be visited during your trip as it would serve as an amazing spot if you are traveling with your family as the little ones would enjoy each and every bit of it.

  1. Gold-Souk:

Are you a fan of buying yourself gold jewelry but are always worried if everything you buy is original and authentic? Then you should definitely head to this bazaar as it offers one of the purest gold ornaments that you might find, it is known for its purity worldwide and we see people coming in from all around the world to buy them. So if you wish to treat yourself with a gold ornament then your holiday in Dubai, should have this place in the bucket list for sure.

  1. Spice-Souk:

This bazaar has the fresh aroma of spices coming from all corners due to it has all the spices you could ever imagine of buying or even seeing. When you would visit this place for the first time you would be as surprised as I or any other person was, and the only question that you would ask yourself is “this exists?” or “what is this used for?”. Well, this place has a lot to offer to people who love to cook or just want to explore different kinds of herbs and spices.

  1. Jumeirah :

This place is home to all sort of different places that you would love to explore or just to be a part of. Starting from the very basic and most important is the Palm, a manmade island which is admired by most of the people who visit Dubai. Moreover, it also has an amazing place to relax or just to have fun, the Beach. The Jumeirah beach is one of the most well-known beaches of Dubai, it offers various sort of water sports to all of its guests also. The last one the Jumeirah mosque, you would love to see the white dome under where you would walk around and have a great time exploring.

So these are all the great things that you can enjoy during your holiday in Dubai, so make sure to hurry up and plan your trip.

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